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Auto Insurance in Miami – Basics

Searching for car insurance in Miami is an easier task than you might think. You have a lot of power to choose your insurance, and there are many resources available to gather information and find ways to save. This article is one such resource, so take a few minutes to read it and gather more information about your quest for the best deal on auto insurance in Miami.

Minimum requirements for auto insurance in Miami

Miami residents must meet Florida’s minimum requirements for auto insurance. Florida has some of the lowest auto insurance requirements in the country. All that is required of drivers is that the vehicles be covered with personal injury protection insurance of a maximum of $ 10,000 and a property damage liability of a maximum of $ 10,000. There are no mandatory requirements for bodily injury liability as is the case in most other states. However, some drivers, once they have been in an accident, may face a court order to acquire bodily injury liability. It is recommended that you take some measure of bodily injury liability, even if this is not necessary, to protect you from accidents and litigation.

The cost of car insurance in Miami

When shopping for car insurance in Miami, you will want to keep in mind that you will pay a little more for coverage. Auto insurance is more expensive in large urban areas where the cost of living is higher, theft and vandalism rates are higher, and traffic congestion leads to more accidents. For example, in the city of Miami, there are 23 accidents annually for every 1,000 residents, which puts it at the top of the Florida list. Additionally, there were about 4,000 auto thefts in Miami in 2009, which is high on the state’s list.

Florida, overall, is slightly above the national average when it comes to auto insurance premiums, with Miami at the top of the list of the state’s highest average insurance costs. However, you have room to save by managing your risk factors, looking for discounts, and buying the best rates.

Miami auto insurance companies

Fortunately, you have many options when it comes to finding Miami car insurance, which means many ways to save. You can explore auto insurance companies across the country, as well as local insurance companies in Miami to see which one offers you the best combination of coverage, service, and price. Online resources allow you to research companies, policies, and discounts. Some of the more prominent names of insurance companies licensed to sell auto insurance in Miami include:

Admission insurance services
Allstate Insurance Company
Blockbuster Insurance Consultants
Florida Auto Plus Miami auto insurance
Auto insurance nationwide
These are just a few of the options you have, so don’t take the first auto insurance company you come across. To learn more about each of these companies, you can visit the Better Business Bureau Southeast Florida website, which offers reviews of Miami insurance companies.


Auto Insurance in Miami - Basics

Miami car insurance is affected by traffic congestion

Miami is the 10th busiest city in the country when it comes to car traffic and leads Florida. Considering just those who drive to work, more than 11 million minutes are spent on Miami’s roads each year. What this means to you is an increased risk of the fenders buckling and collisions. It means the same to your insurance company, which is why you would pay more for car insurance if you lived in Miami. This is also another reason to shop around for the best rates available.

Miami car insurance: price comparison

If you have specific questions about auto insurance in Miami, are looking for information about auto insurance companies, or want to file a complaint, below you will find contact information for Florida Department of Insurance regulations.

200 East Gaines Street

Tallahassee, Florida 32399


To really find the best deal on car insurance in Miami, you need to shop around. Price comparison is easier than ever with online quotes. There are several sites that allow you to charge multiple fees for free and without obligation. Savings can be in the hundreds of dollars a year and the time commitment is less than 30 minutes. Also, don’t forget that while shopping for Miami car insurance, you can also purchase homeowners insurance for additional savings.

It is never too late to save money on car insurance in Miami. Even if you have an existing insurance policy with an insurance company, you can still look for ways to save. You can cancel your current policy at any time, so when you have a few minutes to spare, review your current policy and compare your current rates with those of other companies that offer the same coverage. Remember, combining homeowners insurance with car insurance is a great way to save. Please take a few minutes to read this article.

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