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Auto Insurance Terms You Should Know

To be successful and experienced in all businesses, it is very important that you familiarize yourself with the terms of that specific field of interest or business you intend to establish. This is why knowing terms like these will undoubtedly provide you with a basic understanding of your field of interest and ultimately lead to success in it.

Take a moment to review some of the conditions associated with car insurance and quotes before you get into them, as this will be very beneficial to you in the success of your car insurance policy.

The official

Also known as a claims corrector, an insurance company worker is primarily responsible for investigating and resolving all claims submitted by claimants or insurance companies as a result of a particular injury. His responsibilities also include evaluating and paying available claims or each claim to the insured.

Claims are usually only paid after all formalities have been verified. The claim may also depend on the active insurance or policy coverage available for the item.


This is an unplanned, unexpected or unintended event beyond the control of the insured, resulting in the loss of property, for example a camel. The loss incurred can be compensated as a claim by the carrier to the claimant. The claim is based on what is observed and the actual monetary value of the vehicle or items involved.

Auto insurance companies try to the best of their ability to provide sustainable, efficient, high-quality, and affordable policy coverage to their policyholders. It also aims to increase policyholders’ savings to meet specific needs, for example, building a large pool of policyholders.


He is a specialist in calculating insurance premiums and risks. They duly participate in the calculation of claims reserves, life expectancy and the determination of the frequency of accidents. He is an important component of an insurance company.

It also mainly helps to achieve profits and financial stability for the carriers (insurance companies) that serve them and participate in the evaluation of trends and in the setting of insurance rates.

These professionals also have an interest in managing the carrier’s expenses and submitting claims to claimants as necessary. It helps to ensure that the carrier or the insured does not suffer an undue loss.

Accident frequency

This indicates how often an accident has occurred. The frequency is calculated during the life of the insurance policy. The actuary generally calculates the accident frequency to help determine potential losses.

It should be noted that the phrase may not really mean how often or how often an accident actually occurred, but rather how many times an accident could occur due to the actuary’s prediction. Premiums can also be paid accurately and properly using this principle.


It is an officially written document to estimate the value of the insured’s property. This is done for any future victim that results in property loss.

When the appraisal eventually deteriorates, it can be completed or replaced by the insurance company officer or sometimes the auto repair expert.

Auto Insurance Terms You Should Know


Additional locked

A person or organization that also has auto insurance protection under the primary name of the auto insurance policy. Protection can extend from the car rental company to a person who lends a car (s) to the primary insurer.

In the event of an accident, damage or collision, the rental person or company is protected against the specific loss caused by the insured name.


He is a licensed insurance representative who sells insurance to an insurance company, negotiates and / or executes insurance contracts. It acts as an intermediary by providing a high quality insurance service to the policy holder.

Insurance agents usually do their business on commission and, in most cases, are non-exclusive agents or possibly exclusive agents.

Agreed price

This is the property damage repair cost as agreed upon by the officer and appropriate representative of The Body Shop. In the event of an incurred loss resulting in an accident to the vehicle, the agreed repair cost will be used as a claim for the plaintiff.

The cost does not increase or decrease, since the price of any damage to the car has already been agreed.

Agreed value

This is the value of the vehicle agreed by the insured and the insured that will be paid in the event of an accident or any other form of unforeseen damage.

It is a policy available primarily for custom or collectible vehicles whose actual value remains the same over time without depreciation.

Designated risk plan

The state auto insurance plan is primarily for individuals and car owners who are unable to obtain or qualify for auto insurance or conventional liability coverage due to financial failure or poor insurance history.

It can be placed in the remaining market for an insurance policy with a carrier or an insurance company, but at a higher price. They are covered by the state. Remember that we are 100% committed to helping you get the best auto insurance quotes for your auto insurance success.

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