Sanderson New Logo

A new Sanderson logo is revealed

We are delighted to reveal our new brand logo, from January 2024. This new logo marks a return to our roots in many ways. With a history rich in design and a legacy depicting a bold advertising aesthetic, we turned to our treasured archive for inspiration and there was one particular logo that stood out.

Looking back to move forward

Deriving from an advertisement in March 1930, this elegant and iconic typeface reflects a timelessness that is true to the enduring appeal of Sanderson. Reappearing throughout our history, it has now been fine tuned for audiences of today. This stamp of design authority, ushers in a new era of Sanderson, unexpected and always exceptional.

As we embark on the next chapter of our design story, our aim is to always engage with a fresh, young audience whose thirst for originality in design is quenched by our iconic florals and bold designs.

Curiosity will be satiated by the rediscovery of some of our most coveted archived designs with a cool new focus on what it means to design with Sanderson in 2024 and beyond.

Timely, timeless and sustainable

The new logo will come in a phased implementation. Wishing to minimise our impact on the environment, the new logo will slide into use as required, quietly but effectively marking a new visual identity for our much-loved, highly respected brand.

I am absolutely thrilled to reveal the new logo for Sanderson for 2024, which marks a turning point in the brand’s story… People around the world hold a deep affection for Sanderson, so we take a very considered approach to any changes we make and the impact that it will have on the brand and its familiarity with our customers and fans. Our respect for our legacy continues and we look forward to seeing the logo immersed in the brand literature, in a timely, yet sustainable way.”

Lisa Montague, CEO, Sanderson Design Group

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